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Belladonna was born Michelle Anne Sinclair on 21st May 1981 in Biloxi, Mississippi, USA

She is an American pornographic actress.

Belladonna grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah in a Mormon household. Her father was a retired Air Force captain and former bishop in the Mormon Church. She has 6 siblings, 3 brothers, 3 sisters and a half sister from her Mother. Her parents are divorced and both have remarried.

She was formerly engaged to fellow porn actor Nacho Vidal. On April 11, 2004, she married Aiden Kelly in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her daughter, Myla, was born on January 11, 2005. Belladonna also put up a website dedicated to her daughter Myla named where there are several pictures of Myla.

Belladonna got into the adult film industry after she moved to Los Angeles to become a nude model. She has appeared in over 250 adult films with the majority of them being anal-themed. She now owns and operates Belladonna Entertainment with her partner and husband, Aiden Kelly. She produces her own movies under Belladonna Entertainment and Deadly Nightshade Productions, exclusively distributed by Evil Angel). Since 2004 she has exploded in popularity, taking the place of many more well-known longtime actresses who perform in standard/typical porn films.

She often stars in anal sex, interracial and lesbian themed adult films, and has become best known and most popular for the latter. She has performed double anal (a rarity in the adult film industry) multiple times. She has also performed in scenes with she-male performers, during which she has both oral, anal, and vaginal sex, without condom. She continued to perform while already visibly pregnant. She has built a reputation for her ability to perform in almost any theme in mainstream porn, and for her willingness to perform in almost any sexual scenario.

She has appeared several times in the reality television series Family Business, which focuses on the life of porn director Adam Glasser a.k.a. "Seymore Butts". In 2004 she was one of a number of porn stars photographed by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders for a "coffee table book" on the adult industry, XXX: 30 Porn Star Photographs; she also appears in the HBO documentary Thinking XXX about the making of the book.

Since late 2003 she has almost exclusively acted in lesbian scenes; she also started to direct and produce her own lesbian-themed films, in which she is almost always dominant. She often takes part in outlandish acts in lesbian scenes, and has built a fanbase based solely upon these films. In several of her lesbian films, she has showcased her ability to bring other actresses to squirting orgasms (many claiming it to be their first), and often performs intense and relentless anal penetrations on them with two or more fingers, or with extremely large dildos. Actresses performing with her sometimes show tears during the more intense performances, later claiming they enjoyed it more than any previous scenes they have taken part in with any other actor or actress.

She also frequently pulls their hair, spanks them, spits on them, and gives verbal commands or exchanges "dirty talk." Usually her female co-stars are more timid and petite women who act more in a submissive role, although occasionally she performs with another female who is equally as intense and dominant as she is. When performing with an equally dominating actress, the scenes often become intense, to the extent that both she and her fellow performer have bruises after sex. In lesbian based films, she generally prefers that those performing with her perform rough anal on her with either 3 or more fingers, or a large dildo in order to bring her to orgasm.

It is these rough, dominant lesbian films for which she has become best known. Though married to a man, Belladonna is bisexual.

Her career in the pornography business was followed for two years by a crew from ABC Television, culminating in a January 2003 interview with Diane Sawyer as part of a Primetime Thursday segment on pornography. During the interview she broke out in tears. Following its broadcast Belladonna condemned what she felt had been unfair treatment at the hands of Sawyer and the ABC staffers, saying the segment had portrayed her as a victim and that the interview was edited to convey the misleading impression that she had been forced to perform against her will.

The interview has since been used by a number of anti-pornography pressure groups to support their case that pornography is exploitative of the women who appear in it; nevertheless, Belladonna remains an active performer in the industry. In later interviews, Belladonna claimed that she had never intended to make "anti-porn" statements, and that Primetime had deliberately taken many of her statements out of context in order to give the segment a negative slant

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