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How to get there!

Shown with the number 1 in the picture, here is a description taken from a magazine article of how to get there:
Gap Toothed Woman
Gap Toothed Woman
“Located on the wrong side of the Old Man river, the west bank contains acres of good rock. Unfortunately getting there requires wading across the river. At high water this might be dangerous or impossible. After July, it should be quite easy. For those who do attempt the crossing, the best place to ford is halfway between the Reservation slab and the camping area. The river here is fairly wide, gentle and shallow, it also deposits you close to the established climbs. Game trails on the hillside are numerous and in as good shape as most ordinary hiking trails. Finding one of these makes getting around much easier”.
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The technical explanation

About one in 10 people have a naturally occurring gap or space between their two top front teeth large enough to see through. This is known as a midline diastema.
It's a growth and development problem where the upper lateral fernum, a muscle that attaches from the centre of the upper lip to the gum (the fleshy web you hit with your tongue while running it over your upper gums), fails to recede. Normally, the fernum should recede as the jaw grows, allowing eye teeth, which come in between the ages of nine and eleven, to push the front teeth together and close the gap. There's a hereditary link involved in why this doesn't happen with some people, but it's unknown how prevalent it is.
Gaps may not be popular to some people in the real world, but it's almost a trend in celebrity land where Madonna, late night talk show host David Letterman, California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Real Madrid soccer star Ronaldo, to name a small few, regularly flash spacey smiles. (Click on the Celebrities link above for names, pictures and biographies for all of them).
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Unashamed of her gapped front teeth, Madonna refuses to have them meddled with.

In 1990, after her cover shot for Glamour magazine was doctored to cover up the gap. Madonna was apparently so angry that when the magazine made her Woman of the Year, she flatly refused to accept the award.

Dr Tim Bradstock-Smith is a big fan, 'She has an attractive smile with bags of personality that proves you don't have to have an ultra-white, ultra-straight smile'

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Celebrating the Space Between the Two Top Front Teeth

Tim Page-Founder of Lucky Gap
Tim Page-Founder of Lucky Gap
Dear Reader,

Welcome to the website for all you very lucky people who have a gap or space between your two top front teeth (technically known as a midline diastema) and just love it.

Some say that is a condition that requires dental surgery and there are a lot of websites that quote boring medical studies or offer to fix the problem, some even quote it as an “unsightly appearance”, but none that I can find that give any reasons why you shouldn't just leave it alone and be happy as you are.

The aim of this website is to do just that and also to prove that many of the rumours about this trait are true. Please read some of the guest book entries and see the gallery and blogs section.

As far back as I can remember I have always had a gap and many dentists have asked me if I wanted it fixed, but I always said that I didn't and for no other reason than I liked it!

Over the years I've heard different stories and tales about this trait: A gap in your teeth is the sign of Venus - the goddess of love! I’ve been told. Being gap-toothed was regarded as a sign of a strongly-sexed nature in the Middle Ages as told in The Wife of Bath's Prologue and Tale from "The Canterbury Tales" by Geoffrey Chaucer. In some African tribes having a gap in your front teeth was a sign of wisdom and in France they call it "les dents du bonheur" (teeth of happiness)! There was even a film made by Les Blank in 1987 called Gap-Toothed Women, which explores different connotations of gap-teeth such as a beauty mark or as a sign of an amorous nature.

I've also heard that it's a sign of wealth, now, I don't know about that one! but, perhaps if we could ask some well known and not so well known gap-toothed celebrities they would agree. Click on the Celebrities link above right for names, pictures and biographies for all of them. Most celebrites are keen to show off their gaps although some are not and unfortunately there are a few celebs without picturs. I have also included my own "Gap Rating" system, where 1/10 = a tiny diastema, 3/10 - 6/10 = the average gap and 10/10 = the gap of a full tooth and more, fantastic!
There was an article Glamour Magazine's October 2005 issue titled:
What's Gorgeous Now: Imperfect Looks by Stephanie Huszar and it reads:
“In the age of plastic surgery and airbrushed everything, flawless features just make you look more like everyone else. Quit fantasizing about fixing your quirks, because what makes you different is what makes you beautiful.”
All I know is that I would never part with my gap!
Enjoy the site, all the best,
Tim Page, Founder,
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